un progetto per il loro futuro



Feb 8, 2013

Aims. To help children of primary school age by providing them with:

  • at least one meal per day,
  • adequate nutritional knowledge to keep themselves healthy,
  • basic literacy and general education,
  • and by promoting child sponsorship abroad.

To better carry out our mission we are planning to build a complex which will house a pantry, kitchen, dining hall, sanitary facilities and classrooms for an after school club.

We later hope to raise funds to build a second storey so as to open a school.

How we are financed

  • We collaborate with the local community and with local volunteers
  • We also work in partnership with “INNFA” - the Ecuadorian Government Agency for Children and Families.
  • Creating a network of volunteers
  • Subscriptions paid by donors
  • Social/Cultural initiatives (charity concerts, photographic exhibitions, gala dinners etc)
  • Donations from individuals and companies